anti-Steve protests




the Baptist Church of CA,
specifically the Westboro Branch (church sounds like a corporation : )
did not even leave Steve Jobs & friends alone at funeral!

how respectful of church members!
how hypocritical too as they used iPhones to tweet about protesting!

but though Steve would not condone counter-protest
fans were outraged at the outrageousness of church politics

this Baptist branch is headed by Margie Phelps
since they believe Steve Jobs was the devil.
“No peace for man who served self, not God.”
“He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin.”
haha. iSteve was iGod to most, yet to the Baptists an iSinner?! 

the irony is that you can never argue logic with believers.
these Baptists find no irony in spreading their cause of sinner Steve
through his sinful iPhone tweets!

Phelps own words from tweeting against her critics
“Rebels mad cuz I used iPhone to tell you Steve Jobs is in hell.
God created iPhone for that purpose! :)” 

the only condolence to Steve:
the Westboro Baptists are a small extremist sect
+ bitch about homo-sapiens in general
one of their slogans: “God Hates Fags”
odd, i should think rather that: “God Hates Religion”
(since it was historically about ego, rank & power)

picture from Cupertino High School student
who mocked the church for planning to reach Jobs’ funeral next, same day
(photo credit: Justin Li!/justinjieli)




UK’s Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, hm Sucks,
reasons Steve is responsible for our modern Selfish society

see The Telegraph article 2011 Nov 19 Sat

Rabbi’s quote with Britain’s Queen in attendance!:
“The consumer society was laid down by the late Steve Jobs
coming down the mountain with two tablets,
iPad one and iPad two,
and the result is that we now have a culture of iPod, iPhone, iTune, i, i, i.
When you’re an individualist, egocentric culture and you only care about ‘i,’ you don’t do terribly well.”

his next quote:
“If in a consumer society, through all the advertising and subtly seductive approaches to it,
you’ve got an iPhone but you haven’t got a fourth generation one,
the consumer society is in fact the most efficient mechanism ever devised
for the creation and distribution of unhappiness.”

1. look whose talking:
that rabbi is a Lord, living an unrealistic life separated on a pedestal away from real people
yet he judge “ego” or “i”?!

2. i-logic-al:
i stands for: (i)internet, (i)interactive, (i)intelligent…

a rabbi is supposedly smart for his position.
this one’s smarter as he’s chief rabbi.
smarter still as he’s knighted.
where is his supposed intelligence in his simpleton deduction of the “i” factor?!
guess his X-Factor is that he should be aXed from his job.

to think the Queen listened to him!
scary who the governing bodies get their info from for their policies!

but if this Knight’s logic is that “i” in Apple products stand for i as in i, me, ego,
then his simpleton logic would mean his beloved belief in religion & his god
are just as illogical, or logically feeble, unscientific, unproven…
for the same token, his God is Dog backwards
– how is this any less logical or intelligent than his conclusion?!

3. historic lie:
consumer society was laid down by Steve?!
Steve came along 1984.
Steve did not do consumer products till iPod in 2001.
consumerism or mass-marketed product society existed since the Industrial Revolution 1775 and Art Nouveau in 1890 schmucko!!

4. advertised lie:
Rabbi meant advertising makes shoppers aware of what they do not own instead of appreciating what they have,
but only family-oriented society can survive & be happy.
oh, but if his argument is about ads, well, ads are not meant to be charitable by definition!?
ads also existed since Art Nouveau 100 years prior to Steve Jobs.
Apple was a great marketing machine,
yet they produced & gave great products/services,
they were not hypocritical, like priests ; )
& certainly Steve & Apple never raped or molested or forced anything down anyone’s throats.

5. responsibility:
what is a priest, rabbi, holy man,
if his job is not to raise society to be responsible, moral, good etc.
it’s your job schmucko, not Steve’s!
at least Steve never pretended to be holy, but you did Mr. Sacks!
at the Lord level, the Chief rabbi level, you’re the biggest chief liar-hypocrite!

in society the teachers are not corporations but:
priests, teachers, courts, parents!

6. brainwash:
that rabbi blamed consumerism abuses through “subtly seductive approaches”.
aha. so, religion, is not the biggest brainwashing machine in history?!
it seduces, lures, lies, cheats, even pillages historically,
nowadays rapes emotionally, if not physically,
and if not physically, religion at its best is fear-based, guilt-based brainwashing.
religion has nothing to do with God-liness or purity.
God does not condone preaching or manipulating.

7. war:
that rabbi says consumerism-based society is the
most efficient mechanism ever devised
for the creation & distribution of unhappiness”

wow. how profound.
religion, at least the 3 major ones,
christianity, islam, judaism,
launched just like any consumer product, through hype,
and the ancient form of “advertising” that this priest complains about!
without “word of mouth” ads & preaching with posters around towns,
without religion’s Crusades (hitleresque advertising!),
there would have been no religion!
whose the most efficient mechanism for distribution of unhappiness here!?

religion is at the root of all wars, terrorism, cruelty, torture, brainwashing etc. throughout human history.
all of latin america was converted from happy, free paganism
to over 110,000 churches & catholicism.
religion, by definition is intolerance (for other religions).
but Steve Jobs did more harm?!
Steve did not rape or force!

religion always has a head priest.
just as in a commercial corporation,
he/she dictates the culture.
priest are not holier than CEOs.
priests are not Gods.
if they claim to have a direct line to God’s truth,
well, then you’re just as insane to believe it.
priests talk, don’t walk.

religion by definition is intolerant consumerism.
consumerist as they consumer consumer’s brains, hearts, souls, habits.
and without their wallets, they don’t care for you.
Judaism, Christianity, Islam,
these organizations own more real estate & wealth than governments.
yet they spit on Steve’s life & grave?!

ok, so be it, that Steve is our iGod.
it’s more real, more practical, more sane,
more inspirational, more life-enhancing,
than any of their fake Gods.

God hates religion.
God wants peace, freedom, fairness, justice, purity, positiveness, inspiration etc.
all of which has nothing to do with religion or other club memberships or non-individual thought.


& yet…


 the UK’s Chief Rabbi, like the Westboro Baptists above, are not united,

or their opinion is not shared by all members of their community:
that is why their silly pronouncements are so unfair & ludicrous

see the smarter rabbi Tzvi Freeman, director of Ask The Rabbi at,
who commemorated Steve Jobs with respect, 2011 Oct 6, 1 day Post-Steve era
“Steve Jobs: Change We Learned to Believe In”

Freeman quote:

“What is so beautiful, so messianic, about an iWorld?
The iWorld is the destiny of humankind and its saving grace.”

he means Apple has succeeded in keeping its promise
of ridding us from a 1984 world order,
as it humanized at least the trend for uniformed humanoids.
everything changed, for the better.
even legal justice is clearer
as we now all know instantly where it has been perverted & we can scream socially, virally,
as we all have the power of knowledge in our pockets.

in the last 50 years, Freemans continues,
human societies squeezed into homogenization filters to fit the system,
nowadays, the iWorld fits human self-expression & creativity
up to the level where even a handicapped child has power.

respect to Steve says Freeman:
“The world has its destiny, produced and directed by the Master of all destiny.
A destiny in which Steve Jobs played a principal role.
Sure, his role was nothing more than a provider of tools
it’s up to us to use them to create that world for which we yearn.”




Many people hated Steve. Not just for his tyrannical(*1) approach to work,
but his disregard for the law(*2) (parking on handicap spots + no plate #),
his non-charitable heart or weak philanthropy(*3),
and, as you see by the poster below,
his disingenuous greed to exploit(*4) people.

you can read such skewed views in Love is the Movement’s blog
but see the other side of midnight below…

*1. tyranny

a. its ‘s relative. it depends how you take it, him, what your tolerance level is.
b. are most bosses, even sub-managers not tyrannical?! let’s grow up.
c. if he were not intolerant to a certain degree,
nothing would’ve really changed or advanced in over the 7 industries he affected,
or the joy he brought to so many of our homes,
as it took his stubborn mental, psychological, intellectual, cultural, political, economical fights,
or rather wars against the standards & status quo,
to combat & surmount the sill rules, regulations, expectations, laws etc.,
that regular humans accept like drones as the Best we have to offer,
when for him Good is not Good Enough as we can achieve much more & evolve,
not remain stagnant whilst being proud of too little too late.
d. so what if he were a tyrant or nuts,
is not every genius in history a little crazy to Think Different?!
is it not the Crazy Ones who actually did anything to change or improve our world?!

alas, it’s always the Good Ones or Crazy Geniuses that die young.
as Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Whitney, Michael, Heath Ledger, Van Gogh, Picasso, Sadat etc.
their achievements are facts.
we have no right to deny them, as we sit on our unaccomplished asses.
they did not cause us not to cry for the millions in starvation or homeliness or joblessness.
Warhol proved to us half a century ago that our numbness in society stems from overexposure.

so, blame the news & media for mocking suffering, spreading disinfo, & hollywood for glamorizing violence.
blame our parents for teaching us that violence on tv & in video games is ok, but kissing & making love on the screen is taboo.
blame political correctness for us being amoral.
in the end, blame no one, but yourself.
we do have a mind of our own.
we might be brainwashed, might be watched & recorded 24/7/365,
but we each have our own volition & moral compass.

let’s cry together.
let’s mourn the death of Steve & Whitney.
let’s not hate them for what they did not commit.
we are allowed to mourn.
as for the millions who starve & cry,
every other day of the year,
let’s be aware of them,
be grateful we’re not suffering as them,
let’s raise our kids to have a conscience,
unlike our politicians & economists.
let’s teach our children that every thought metamorphoses into a vibrational energy
which ignites actions & reactions,
so that we can influence the world for the better.

 are we afraid of who we are?
that is the question.
but to be or not to be,
one has to stop the blame,
walk the talk.
do something.
not misinterpret & mix up issues.

let’s use Steve’s, Michael’s, Whitney’s & Diana’s inspiration
to our advantage.
let’s focus on not necessarily the impossible,
but at least,
doing the best we can, each,
to alleviate how many people cry in the world…


*2. disrespect

a. its ‘s relative. again.
how & why we perceive things as unjust.
b. he only parked on handicapped spots at his own office, not in public.
were there any handicapped staff, he would not have abused this.
plus if handicapped people visited Apple Hdq. there’s plenty of other handicapped spots left & right.
plus, Apple was not open to the public to just drive in,
so planned visits would’ve had their spots.
c. what’s the point of being boss, or owning your own co. if you can not set your own rules.
fine. Apple became public since IPO, but anyway, he did it when young, not recently.
we all are guilty of mistakes, irrationality, disrespect, immorality etc. in our life times.
do we punish ourselves as readily, steadily & vehemently as him?

d. as for driving his Mercedes without a plate #,
well, what’s the point of making all that money if you can’t have privileges, right?
e. is is such abuse of power when all we’re talking about is a plate vs. electing the wrong officials,
or accepting to send our sons to wars we invent to kill other foreign sons?
let’s get a life & stop the hypocrisy 1st.
f. if you were a paparazzi or other target, esp. since you consider him tyrannical – hence with enemies–
would you not accept to be more cautious & hide your identity somewhat?
let’s get real. his Mercedes model & color & obviously his missing plate are the dead give away
that it’s his car, so why get so upset over his silly choice?
g. are we upset because he gets away with things or that we can’t handle the truth,
that we did not achieve heights that gives us similar privileges?
if we think we’d never lose our morals, we’re hypocrites.
h. did Steve hurt anyone through this act of terror?
it’s just a bloody plate mate!
i. if humans can’t express themselves, but have to abide by constantly invading rules,
what’s the point of democracy or freedom?
he did not sell drugs, create wars, succumb to violence etc.
all he did is not reveal a certain #.
everyone knows it’s his car, relax.
j. instead of debating, wasting tax $ on how immoral or unjust it is,
all about a bloody plate & what other consequences might or might not be affected by such treasonous acts,
why not focus our energy, time & funds on smarter things,
such as education, infra-structure, the economy, real freedom evolution,
and last but not least,
in lessening suffering & crying in the world!


3*. philanthropy

a. its ‘s relative. yet again.
at what point do we consider it giving vs holding back?
b. how much did we give to society lately?
let’s not be hypocritical but objectively critical.
c. our philanthropical or charitable compass is skewed.
we consider the ultimate giver Billy Gates of Microsoft.
but equal Steve Jobs as a selfish greedy non-giver?!
for those of us who have a memory, unlike today’s ADD-excused youth or society,
we can think back beyond 1/2 year.
the public + media hounded Bill for decades to give.
Bill only gave just before retiring.
he was the greedy one all along.
Bill gives more now, with his Belinda Foundation,
as he is retired–has nada ado ; )
besides regress, regret, make up for losses–moral, spiritual.
but let’s not blame him either.
we all behave this way.
we all will make up towards the end.
meanwhile, Steve always gave.
since it was transparent though,
it does not count?!
real charity is not showing off like Billy,
& adding self-aggrandizing plaques at hospital entrances etc.
Steve did not have to prove his good heart.

plus Steve always gave to what counts most:
he & Apple gave time, funds, equipment. tons each.

plus Steve’s wife, Laurene Powell,
is on more educational & charity boards than anyone.

last but not least,
how ungrateful we all are.
Steve has enabled Apple (PC friendliness / Smart Mobility) + NeXT (the internet)
+ Pixar (advanced but humanized animation)
or evolved at least 7 industries directly, influenced tons of others,
loosened ugly standards, embellished aesthetics,
humanized technology, freed & improved the world in many ways.
if we equate so much of it to addiction to gadgets,
it’s our view, not everyone’s.
it’s relative.


*4. greed

a. its ‘s relative. again.
but at least, let’s have the decency,
to ADMIT, we’d be worse off to quite some degree without him.

b. we could not have done better or more
c. we would not wish to live without his right stuff & regress back to the stone age
d. we can’t find another person in history who we’d rather have had re-inventing our stuff
e. his addictive gadgets are intrinsically insanely great for their anti-status quo,
and it’s up to us, as with everything else, whether & how we abuse it.

f. his “greedy” products, hard & soft-ware , as well as services,
are those that democratized our world!
he not only made tech lovable, understandable, meaningful, practical, worthy,
but affordable!
so, without him, high tech would be for the rich, not the rest of us.
where’s the greed in that?

g. Apple’s historically unimaginable new wealth,
reached such heights,
not due to greed & over-pricing,
but thanks to the intrinsic, insane greatness of its qualities,
its respect to user experience etc.
it is a natural consequence that it succeeded & will continue to do so.
it is not due to greed.

h. now, on the other hand,
why does only Apple defy gravity?
only Apple become recession-proof?
only Apple be debt-free?
only Apple surpass quarterly expectations every time?
only Apple “invent” stuff right or “get it”?
only Apple have the mojo?
only Apple  reach loyalty, affection, critical mass, engagement, evangelism, ubiquity etc?
it’s not as complicated as market research or surveys or that men are from mars, women from venus.
it’s simple. it’s natural.
Apple creates from within, not through greed or ipo or market share.
Apple has the IT Factor. Mojo.
it only know how to Flummox the competition.
IT only reaches people’s hearts.
not through brainwashing ad campaigns or the silly excuse of Reality Distortion Fields.
Apple wins as it’s a winner.
Apple’s secret is not secretive. it’s natural.
Apple knows people’s G-Spots!


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