Apple eVoLuTiON: iMac

iMac: rEvolution eVolution



the Day the PC changed was 1998-08
as Apple reinvented the PC through Jonathan Ive‘s bondi-blue iMac
(14 1/2 years into the PC revolution)


until then, the 1st PC era revolutionized the world
through the Classic Mac in 1984-01


below is the official Apple graphic of the iMac’s evolutionary timeline
growing from a revolutionary All-In-One fatso
to an evermore thinner, slicker technological marvel,
at 2  year intervals (for its diet : )
the latest iteration of which is the 8th redesign (7th with Intel chip),
still by Ive, but now Sir Jonathan Ive since 2012 May.


though the iMac industrial casing design did not change radically for the 5th time since 2004,
the latest model announced at the media event 2012 Oct 23, launching Nov + Dec 2012,
is nevertheless much more revolutionary than the media/journalists/anal-ysts portry:
it is only a damn, bleedin’ amazin’ 5mm thin!! (see specs)
not the screen – the entire All-In-One PC!
that’s it!
it appears as if there is NO PC!
which suits the Post-PC era of Steve Jobs’ vision:
transparent invisible slick smooth mobile speedy zen space



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