campus II

iCampus II

Steve Jobs’ other dream

is the world’s most modern Corporate Campus

encompassing the Apple values




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Campus photos

• Campus landscape

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• 2.8M sq ft bldg (260,128 sq m)
• 4 stories mostly glass
• 13k staff
• auditorium for media
(separate from mothership but reachable through underground tunnel : )
• research lab (300,000 sq ft! / 27,870 sq m)
• AppleStore?
(unclear yet, & if in Spaceship or apart)
• underground garage
(out of sight & multi-level, fits 8900 spots!)
• open-air amphitheater
(in donut hole paradise ; )
• fitness center
(45,000 sq ft! / 4,180 sq m)
• ecological bldg & garden
• 1 of biggest Solar roofs in usa
• 6000 tree species (by senior arborist, Stanford univ.)
• completion date ca. 2015

what do you think?
good enough or what’s missing?



the story:

Steve Jobs surprised the Cupertino City Council 2011 June 8,
when he personally presented the new Apple “Campus 2” for permits
bless Steve – he was quite frail at the time (4 months before his passing)
the media coins it the  “Mothership” (spaceship-like)

plan submissions:
Plans 1: 2011-06-08
Plans 2: 2011-11-04
Plans 3: 2012-03-10



Steve’s infamous coined keynote term “One More Thing”
could be more than just “One Last Thing” with his new age campus dream design.
see what Steve imagined the work environment as,
which does not show in the architectural plans or renderings…
in this article “Apple’s New Campus Will Put On A Spectacular Show Every Year,
Starting On Steve Jobs’ Birthday”
by Brian Caulfield, Forbes, 2011 Dec 7

Pink & White Cherry Blossoms will adorn the gardens all over,
and they blossom like a parade, on iSteve’s birthday month: Feb ; )
so Steve can rain on & shower all with natural beauty…
just wait for an even more staggering sight when in April the blossoms will be flanked
by Cherry trees alongside the walkways…
followed by summer Apricot trees…

that’s just for the public ; )
wait till you hear, not see, the of the “inside job” ; )
in the center naval of the Mothership,
a Garden of Eden will await, full of blooms, rest spots, Plum trees & more fruit variety,
amphitheater, fountains
and we imagine, Apple trees ; )

Isaacson’s bio of Steve Jobs reveals the Apple co-founder used to prune Apple trees,
hence his pruning job at Jobs’ Apple Computer in 1976 April Fools Day

construction Timeline

(drone videos)

2016-05-31 (247sec)
by Matthew Roberts
(DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone)


2015-12-04 (209sec)
in 4K by Sinfiel LLC


2015-11-1 (199sec)
in 4K by Duncan Sinfield


2014-08-24 (8:31min)
by DJI
(DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter w/ GoPro)


campus2 outside seating (2013-11-11)
campus2 cafeteria (2013-11-11)

campus2 inside (2013-11-11)
campus2 transit center inside (2013-11-11)

campus2 transit center outside (2013-11-11)
campus2 green parking garage (2013-11-11)

arch-campus2-spaceship-13k staff mothership presented to Cupertino City Council 2013-11-11_29 press:auditorium pavilion above

arch-campus2-spaceship-13k staff mothership presented to Cupertino City Council 2013-11-11_28 press:auditorium pavilion

arch-campus2-spaceship-13k staff mothership presented to Cupertino City Council 2013-11-11_29 press:auditorium pavilion entrance
arch-campus2-spaceship-13k staff mothership presented to Cupertino City Council 2013-11-11_19 visitor entrance
arch-campus2-spaceship-13k staff mothership presented to Cupertino City Council 2013-11-11_22 site transform anim

site plan: interior


site plan: after


site plan: now


site plan: south (after)


site plan: south (now)


landscape: south


trees: < now • after >

site security: < now • after >


access: < access points • traffic >


circulation: < vehicle • pedestrian >


area breakdown: mothership


plan: mothership (level 1)


solar roof: mothership (plan)


solar roof: mothership (3D rendering)


parking: mothership

(basement level plan)


parking: mothership

(basement level 2&3 sections)


parking: mothership

(basement level 3D elevation)


the competition:

Here we go again.
Google reveals GooglePlex plans.
See story in ArchDaily 2012 Mar 16 by Vanessa Quirk
“The Motherships Are Landing: What Google’s New Headquarters Reveal About Apple 2”

Google is seeking land in CA for their 1st ever building built from scratch.

the problem is:
1. is Google to mimic Apple yet again?!
software, OS (GoogleOS vs iOS), browser (Chrome vs Safari), cell (Android vs iPhone)…

2. is Google’s ex ceo Eric Schmidt, who was on board of Apple Board,
privi to Apple Campus II plans – wow, how original Google!

3. if you copy, copy an idea, not word for word, or mm by mm, every bloody inch of someone else’s work!
what does this cheap tactic say about your separate, own intelligence, flex, power, originality, independence, survival skills etc?!
this: you suck (Google)!

4. not to suck in life,
you need to think. think different. lead, not follow.
everyone should leave Apple alone.
invent their own niches.
they’re all competing with Apple yet fail all the time.
you can not survive with Apple’s brain, power, endless funds, insurmountable infrastructure, unbeatable price points with suppliers & materials etc.
even if you mimic Apple’s marketing, you fail, look ridiculous.

you could survive, if you do something Apple does not.
if you stop as Jonathan Ive said in UK last Mar 12 in the Evening Standard as he was knighted that week:

“Our goals are very simple – to design and make better products. If we can’t make something that is better, we won’t do it.”

on why Apple’s competition struggles to do that:

“That’s quite unusual, most of our competitors are interesting in doing something different, or want to appear new – I think those are completely the wrong goals. A product has to be genuinely better. This requires real discipline, and that’s what drives us – a sincere, genuine appetite to do something that is better. Committees just don’t work, and it’s not about price, schedule or a bizarre marketing goal to appear different – they are corporate goals with scant regard for people who use the product.”


so, Goo, Microdough, Dull Dell, Sonia, Sam sung etc. – get a life!


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