iCopy: Chinese MacBook Air  knockoff worth it?!   NO! why not: see the detailed report & video by Mic Gadget same day the knockoffs were launched in China, 2011 Dec 6 Wed only 5 months post the real thing!  [tub]xb1eDOesRpI[/tube]  MacBook Air 3 the Chinese clone competes with came out 2011-07-20 @ $1000/$1200 (2.38lbs • 64 or 128GB ssd • 11 or 13″) MacBook Air 2 came out 2010-10-20 @ $1000/$1200 (2.3lbs • 64 or 128GB ssd • 11 or 13″) Apple MacBook Air launched 2008 Jan @ $1800 (Unibody • 3lbs • 80GB HD ata or 64GB sad) reasons not to buy fake: 1. not...

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Mobile Wars

MobileWars iOS vs Android? how the heck to choose!?! 01. pros/cons   the Search for the Holy (Grail) Engine keeps on… iPhone OS  launched  2007 June 29 and is original Android launched 2008-10-21 but is bought CNET article on choosing: “Android Ice Cream Sandwich versus iOS 5: Killer features” by Jessica Dolcourt, 201 Oct 20 Jessica @ Cnet’s main view: both OS are advanced, both deserve consideration, none are that advantageous over the other that you must adhere to one camp, it’s an individual choice to make one is open, the other closed [we beg to differ,...

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