Apple eVoLuTiON: iMac

iMac: rEvolution eVolution 1998-2012   the Day the PC changed was 1998-08 as Apple reinvented the PC through Jonathan Ive‘s bondi-blue iMac (14 1/2 years into the PC revolution)   until then, the 1st PC era revolutionized the world through the Classic Mac in 1984-01   below is the official Apple graphic of the iMac’s evolutionary timeline growing from a revolutionary All-In-One fatso to an evermore thinner, slicker technological marvel, at 2  year intervals (for its diet : ) the latest iteration of which is the 8th redesign (7th with Intel chip), still by Ive, but...

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iCar indeed: 2007 Steve Jobs did dream of an iCar. that’s according to Apple board member & J Crew CEO Mickey Drexler in his interview in Fast Co. 2012 May 16 see his iView… 17 but only for media (public version not ready) read iView:    VW: 2007 Steve Jobs did meet with VW CEO. that is what started the iCar rumors. no one knows exactly what Steve’s or VW’s...

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Disruptive Tech

DisruptiveTech: Self-healing case when: 2012 Jan 17 but only for media (public version not ready) who:  Nissan when: 2012 Jan 17 but only for media (public version not ready) heal time for slight scratches: 1hr heavy scratches: 1 wk TidBit: TidBit: did Audi not invent this in their paint in the late 1980s or early 90s? also read “Do NOT do as Steve“  also read “Anti-Steve...

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