iGenius: Jan-Michael Cart iOS designer Apple hires they NeXT genius, this time in iOS GUI design  Jan-Michael is not to be confused with French genius musician Jean-Michel Jarre ; ) Apple hires talent daily but Jan-M is worthy to mention as you can witness from his talent in revamping the iOS with very practical U.I. changes (his view is that iOS hasn’t changed much since its launch mid 2007 as they focused on simplicity over cosmetics) see some video proofs below or  read 9-5Mac article in by Christian Zibreg, 2011 Dec 13 Tue “Apple hires designer Jan Michael Cart praised for...

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Mobile Wars

MobileWars iOS vs Android? how the heck to choose!?! 01. pros/cons   the Search for the Holy (Grail) Engine keeps on… iPhone OS  launched  2007 June 29 and is original Android launched 2008-10-21 but is bought CNET article on choosing: “Android Ice Cream Sandwich versus iOS 5: Killer features” by Jessica Dolcourt, 201 Oct 20 Jessica @ Cnet’s main view: both OS are advanced, both deserve consideration, none are that advantageous over the other that you must adhere to one camp, it’s an individual choice to make one is open, the other closed [we beg to differ,...

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iPhone4S Siri

  iPhone4S   what does “S” it stand for?! Speed Steve For (4) Steve Siri Steve Is Really Inside any other unofficial suggestions? please comment ; ) • iPhone4S• is a game changer despite not being names iPhone5 ; ) Siri™ is a major technology that makes it a breed apart from the competition (again, yes, we know, Apple or Steve did not invent A.I. but they just do it so much better/simpler ; ) Even PC inventor Steve Wozniak (Apple I, 1976) explains why iPhone4S’ Siri Voice Assistant is the 1st true Artificial Intelligence product for the masses, is futuristic,...

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