Steve Jobs commemorated at the Webby Awards, NY 2012 May 21.


LA Times:

iSteve revolution 1: More than Turnaround Artist,0,4580763,full.column 

iSteve revolution 3: MUSIC,0,5138431,full.story

CBS’ 60 Minutes interviews Steve Jobs’s authorized biographer Walter Isaacson Sun 2011 Oct 23
the book is published by CBS division Simon & Schuster
the interview was on the eve of the book launch Oct 24, the Post-Steve era launched Oct 5

Bob Cringely
in the infamous “lost interview” rediscovered in a box in director’s garage
for the 1995 PC birth series “Triumph of the Nerds”

aired or rather screened 1st time(!) in 2011 Nov 16/17 Wed/Thu
& unfortunately only in Landmark theatres nationwide (usa)


Charlie Rose
interviews Facebook leaders CEO Mark Zuckerberg & COO Sheryl Sandberg

airs: 2011 Nov 7 Mon Wed (33 days Post-Steve era)

TV show link
(Zuckerberg talks of Steve Jobs guiding FB at 20 minute mark in video)

full transcript link


documentary “One Last Thing”

airs US: 2011 Nov 2 Wed (27 days Post-Steve era) 10pm EST
airs UK: 2011 Nov 2 Wed 11:05pm

TV show link (PBS)
TV show link (PBS free! stream)
TV show link (UK CH4)
DVD link ($25 PBS)
DVD link ($22.50 Amazon)
HD link ($10 iTunes)

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

DIFFERENCE to other reports:

1. what makes this or one more documentary on him different?
there’s many mere reports (insignificant slide shows) but not really ample documentaries on Steve Jobs.

2. Steve was a mysterious hu-man. learning from him is deep.

3. see different angle in premise below…

“one last thing” plays on Steve’s famous catchphrase titillating his audiences with “one more thing”


PREMISE of this documentary is:

“Few men have changed our everyday world of work, leisure and human communication in the way that Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO, has done. The scope of his impact was evident in the outpouring of tributes from around the world — voiced on Twitter as well as through makeshift memorials in front of Apple stores — following his death, from complications of pancreatic cancer, on October 5, 2011. Steve Jobs – One Last Thing not only examines how his talent, style and imagination have shaped all of our lives, but the influences that shaped and molded the man himself. The documentary takes an unflinching look at Jobs’ difficult, controlling reputation and through interviews with the people who worked closely with him…”

some people interviewed:
• Ronald Wayne (Apple co-founder)
• Steve Wozniak (co-founder + engineer)
• Dr. Alvy Smith (co-founder Pixar)
• Bill Fernandez  (found Woz, 1st Apple employee)
• Robert Palladino (Reed calligraphy prof)
• Dean Hovey (designed original mouse)
• Walt Mossberg (principle technical journalist covering Apple, from WSJ)
• Robert Cringley (interviewer from documentary Triumph of the Nerds)

Discovery Channel
“iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World.”
presented by MythBusters Adam Savage/Jamie Hyneman

airs: 2011 Oct 16 Thu (11 days Post-Steve era) 8pm EST
TV show link
Computer History Museum link


Steve Jobs issue (#1097 2011-10-10)

Charlie Rose on Bloomberg TV:

interviews: Schmidt / Andreessen / Mossberg

Russian president Medvedev:

it had to take a Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to show the most respect towards Steve Jobs! the next day. Shame on our Western leaders or pres. Obama for not affording more than a 1-liner, ok maybe 2?!

Steve Jobs changed 6 industries & showed much more umph, courage, determination, vision etc. in growing an economy than any rival or business man. a little recognition & encouragement would be respectful. show me one more man or co. which actualizes as many dreams, challenges as much, risks as much, gains & deserves as much. whilst the rest are asleep, lazily profiting from one old idea, Apple is constantly giving, innovating, beyond prototypes or silly talk. some cry foul about innovations, yet who cares who invents things 1st, what counts is how you do it, implement it, simplify it, do it better! none other than Apple. so far and in the foreseeable future.

Wired issue dedicated to Steve:

“Steve Jobs / Revolutionary” out Oct 7, 2 days Post-Steve era…

($3 only)

eBook quote “It’s hard to imagine a better subject than the life and times of Steve Jobs—charismatic and difficult, mysterious and inspiring, with a biography that might have been plucked from Greek myth.”



Steve Compilation video

one of the best, deepest documentaries on Steve Jobs,
compiled from varied sources by cnet 2011-10

AzR on YouTube creates a superb Tube dedicated to Steve Oct 13…




PASSING: Steve Jobs passed ≈3pm Wed Oct 5

BURIAL: Steve was laid to rest Fri Oct 7 in Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, Santa Clara

Burial article “Death Certificate” in Forbes 2011-10-11

STEVE JOBS DAY: Oct 16  (at least in CA, as decreed by its governor Jerry Brown on Oct 14)

MEMORIAL: Steve was remembered by close friends / colleagues Sun Oct 16 night in Stanford Univ.

Memorial guests: actual

01. 1st daughter Lisa Nicole Brennan Jobs (33 yrs):
recites “The Crazy Ones” from 1997 iconic “Think Different” ad

02. biological sister Mona Simpson on sharing last moments

03. Joan Baez sings “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” (ex-Dylan wife, both faves of Jobs ; )

04. friend Bono (U2) sings Bob Dylan’s “Every Grain of Sand”

05. friend Larry Ellison (Oracle ceo) talks @ their walks at Silicon foothills & Hawaii vacations

06. Jonathan Ive (world’s finest industrial designer @Apple) talks of working w/ Steve

07. Bill Clinton
08. Bill Gates
09. Jonathan Rubinstein (ex-Apple/NeXT exec; Senior VP iPod Div. 1997-2007; left to be Palm chair)
10. Avie Tevanian  (ex-Apple/NeXT exec; VP Software Engineering 1997-2003; Armenian)
11. Tony Fadell (ex-Apple exec; inventor or iPod; Senior VP iPod Div. 2007-2008; Lebanese)
12. Andy Hertzfeld
13. Tim Cook
14. Scott Forstall
15. Bud Tribble
16. John Doerr (VC)
17. Marc Andreessen (inventor of web browser: Netscape)
18. Google founders Larry Page & Sergey Brin
19. Marc Benioff (Salesforce ceo)

Memorial guests: unsure 

01. wife Laurene Powell (48 yrs; b. 1963; married 20 yrs since 1991)
02. son Reed Paul Smith (20 yrs; b. 1991)
03. daughter Erin Sienna (16 yrs; b. 1995)
04. daughter Eve (12 yrs; b. 1998)
05. bio father Abdulfattah John Jandali (80 yrs; b. 1931) (adoptive Jobs parents died before)
06. Steve Wozniak (co-founder; inventor of PC)
07. Guy Kawasaki (original Apple Evangelist)
08. who else did you expect at Steve Jobs’ Memorial? comment…

Emotion, Music and Humor at Steve Jobs Memorial”
article by Nick Wingfield, NYT, 2011-10-17



sister’s eulogy


Mona Simpson’s full eulogy! see NYT Sun Oct 30, 2011.

Steve’s biological sister, he never knew he had till she was 25 in 1985, is Mona Simpson.
Steve never accepted his biological dad, John Jandali, only his biological mom (Joanne Carole Schieble) & sister, as well as his 1st daughter Lisa Nicole Brennan, from his 1st serious girlfriend in high school/college, Chris-Ann Brennan.


some Mona quotes on Steve from her eulogy 2011-10-16 at the Memorial service.

“Even as a feminist, my whole life I’d been waiting for a man to love, who could love me. For decades, I’d thought that man would be my father. When I was 25, I met that man and he was my brother.”

Mona in 1985 worked at literary mag in NY.
a lawyer out of the blue calls her at work to tell her she has a rich famous brother.
her colleagues started betting i.e. Travolta ; )
she hope it would be a literary genius as Henry James…


Mona’s eulogy focuses on 3 essential lessons
learned form her brother over the last 27 years or since she met him 1985.

• work very hard
• work at what you love
• focus, be aware
• embrace failure
• beauty over novelty
• loyalty over innovation
• don’t be trendy / gimmicky
• fashion seems fine now but is ugly later, art can be ugly now but beautiful later
• be willing to be misunderstood
• young success isolates you
• Steve’s other career choice, had he not succeeded at computing: mathematician

• love is all (Steve actually tracked the love lives of his staff, concerned genuinely…)
• physical & caring dad & husband
• love conquers all, love is omnipresent (he never took this with irony / cynicism / pessimisism)
• bring up kids grounded, not spoilt
• be intimate, mingle (don’t hide behind walls like typical millionaires/billionaires)
• live naturally (your home should not intimidate with decor)
• eat healthily (preferably vegetarian)
• enjoy the simple joys of life (he loved the Palo Alto bike shop)
• keep surprises everywhere (Steve kept things in all pockets, a tight marriage will still surprise his wife, as she discovers him still…)

• treasure happiness / share it
• even if rich, find quality time for family (he always picked up Mona from airport personally, no chauffeur ; )
• communicate with loved ones (Steve spoke to sister Mona every 2 days)
• walking through Paris
• be generous (not selfish in your goals)
• always discriminate [he went through 67 nurses till finding kindred spirits! (Tracy / Arturo / Elham)]
• walk his kids to the wedding isle
• unfulfilled dream of Steve: he was building a wood boat in Holland
to take family around the world & to retire with wife Laurene

• stay humble, always learn
• cultivate humor (i.e. Steve knew the history of English + Chinese tea roses)
• always try (harder!) (Steve forced himself to improve his steps despite his barren body towards the end)
• never stop thinking (Steve conceived ideas even in hospital i.e.

• sketching device to hold iPad in hospital bed
• fluid monitors
• x-ray equip
• redesigned hospital unit he was in! ; )

• learn with emotion (otherwise there’s no intensity/conviction/meaning)

•  steve stopped reacting much ca. 2pm, 25 hours before leaving our planet physically
but sister Mona flew in to witness it when Steve called, not thinking she’d make it that day;
• Laurene spent the night in bed next to him, with Mona & Laurene counting the few breaths
• Steve, no matter how thin, kept his handsome, absolutist, romantic profile
• Steve in his last breaths still climbed (in typical lifelong work ethic)
• mixed with typical, sweet wonderment & an artist’s belief in the ideal of more beauty, later
(see ‘fashion’ above under iWork)
• Steve’s last gaze: Patty, next long gaze at kids, last Laurene
• Steve’s final words in last hours: monosyllables, repeated thrice
• Steve’s final words: “Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow.”
could it be that he arrived in heaven in wonderment? or that he had to leave his beloved family?

• “Death didn’t happen to Steve, he achieved it.” (Mona, 2011-10-16)



Jobs Days


OCT 16: CA (decreed by its governor Jerry Brown on Oct 14)
see The Hollywood Reporter article 2011 Oct 14



Person of the Year



Time announced, 2011 Nov 10 Thu, it will vote Steve Jobs as Person of the Year for 2011
finally some respect – why not Person of the Decade? Century?

the videos show why Jobs was chosen…

1st the long full version, with the rest of the choices after Steve…

next the version just @ Steve…

• 2010 POY was FB’s Mark Zuckerberg
• Time has started this Zeitgeist tradition in 1927…



the USPTO opens an exhibit to honor Steve Jobs’ influence, in its Alexandria, Virginia museum.
launch: 16 Nov 2011 till 2012 Jan 15 ($0 ; )

USPTO exhibit PR
Paul Fucito (1-571) 272 8400 or
Rini Paiva (1-330) 388 6160 or 

USPTO museum

USPTO Museum Shop






Apple Stores closed 9-12, 2011 Oct 19 Wed,
to appreciate the party at Cupertino headquarter,
celebrating the life of Steve Jobs

Wed 2011 Oct 19
Official celebration of Steve Jobs
@ Cupertino headquarters
with CEO Tim Cook address

alas, yes, it’s the only image of the party Apple officially released
image option: click on it to link to the full size .tif version on Apple’s page


Jonathan Ive 

in video below Jonathan Ive pays his respects at the Apple headquarters
(see celebration picture above)
Jon is of course the other Big Genius at Apple
Steve Jobs gave him the most power at Apple!
and he’s as private & humble as iSteve!!


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