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Samsung is not the pioneer copycat of Apple, but surely one of Apple’s major pains.

many object to the fact that Apple is suing Samsung.

1. Apple, as anyone else, has the right to protect its patents

2. Apple is not exaggerating, as its patents are not simply, as Google puts it in the courts against Apple, so ubiquitous they should be part of the standards or be copiable!

3. how, can you, in all fairness, logic etc. adhere to Apple’s competitors’ pseudo arguments,
that it is their general right to copy everything Apple does on all levels?!
1. product concept
2. product industrial design
3. software OS
4. software icons
5. packaging
6. marketing
7. slogans
8. ads

WHY copy?
1. are you too lazy?
2. too cheap?
then you’re stealing


IF you copy:
1 . be at least dignified enough to change things
2. law suits do not defend your points, they merely ridicule your pathetic-ness further in public.
the only friends you make in this ridiculous pursuit, is add fire to your current blind fans,
but you increase your enemies with brains or logic or sense.


you will never succeed or catch up with Apple or come up with Apple “killer products”
as long as you copy!
you will only succeed if you do not compete in Apple’s categories,
but create a category of your own to excel in.
After a decade of Apple competition and zero results or success,
humans would be dumb if they still defend that side of business.
Do it Differently dummies!



Samsung Ridicule

popular view is that Samsung is fooling itself, ridiculing itself in public.
it has lost face.
the further it digs into the law suit in self-defense,
the worst its public image will be,
no matter what the court’s outcome – even if Apple loses.

see one major such public view of Samsung,
as perfectly illustrated by Conan O’Brien on his Tonight Show Wed 2012 Aug 8.

if video doesn’t show, link to

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