above are the saddest contrast of pictures of a life well lived

followed by a life’s most beautiful moment:
leaning on a loved one


who would’ve thought, that that instant photographed eternally,
that such a lean would be so telling, so gorgeous,
as Lea Suzuki luckily for us captured for Corbis…

we’re still mourning Steve’s physical passing.
so we can’t create a more informative page on his health yet.
for emotional reasons as well as respect to his family & taste.

suffice it to say, that this tiny video clip is not displayed for hype or shock,
but shows the devastating effect health can have on shortening one’s life span.

it only happened hours before his passing – the real man was working till his last breath – respect!
so for any schmuck who utters one more time that Steve was never a philanthropist,
as he’s working charitably at last moment too, get a life yourself!
what have you people accomplished for the masses?!

as Steve always said: we’re all naked, it can happen any moment,
teaching us to live life with joie de vivire and to the fullest,
achieving your goals & happiness proactively, daily,
if not,
changing for the better every few days.

life is short,
make the Best of it,



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