ingeniously creative Steve Jobs portrait from 4001 Post-It notes
from AppleStore, Munich fans 2011 Sun Oct 16


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iSteve-fans-shirt Gem Barrameda, Union City AppleStore Oct14 iPhone4Steve launch.png
iSteve-fans-NY 5th Ave AppleStore (Jefferson Siegel).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStores ww screens, Santa Monica (Jae C. Hong-AP).png
iSteve-fans-NY 5th Ave AppleStore carton (cory schwartz).png
iSteve-fans-flowers SF downtown  (paranoidroid-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-NY 5th Ave AppleStore carton (Mark Lennihan-AP).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStores ww screens, Taipei (Wally Santana-AP)_2.png
iSteve-fans-Cupertino hdq consumers (Kevork Djansezian-Getty).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Santa Monica, Molly (Jae C Hong-AP)_2.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Washington, Spokane Univ District (Mollie Mraz-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Austin TX (Nick J Webb-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-SF AppleStore fs_6 (joseph schell).png
iSteve-fans-iPad GiveMe4Steve, Tokyo AppleStore Oct14.png
iSteve-fans-stickies AppleStore NY 5th Ave w Time cover.jpg
iSteve-fans-Manila Oct14.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Belfast N Ire (Ibutsu-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-stickies St Petersburg Oct14.png
iSteve-fans-hme Palo Alto_1.png
iSteve-fans-flowers AppleStore Beijing (dam Dean-Getty).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStores ww screens (Chris McGrath-Getty).png
iSteve-fans-NY 5th Ave AppleStore carton (Monika Graff_UPI).jpg
iSteve-fans-AppleStores ww screens, Santa Monica (Jae C Hong-AP).png
iSteve-fans-iPhone or young Steve by Fred Velez, SF (Darryl Bush-AP).png
iSteve-fans-Frankfurt AppleStore Oct6_2 (Michael Probst-AP)_2.png
iSteve-fans-stickies AppleStore Philadelphia Oct14 (Matt Rourke-AP).png
iSteve-fans-iPad of young Steve by Steve Streza, SF (Darryl Bush-AP).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Beijing Oct6 (Ng Han Guan-AP).jpg
iSteve-fans-hair-Jon Mak logo+2006 Jobs portrait+ThinDiff AppleStore NY 5th Ave.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Seattle Univ District (Tyler Stahl-MacLife)_1.png
iSteve-fans-hme Palo Alto (Tony Avelar-Getty).png
iSteve-fans-flowers w young Steve.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStores ww screens, Taipei (Wally Santana-AP)_1.png
iSteve-fans-Manila Oct14 board_2.png
iSteve-fans-hdq Cupertino flowers (gussifer-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-candles in Sichuan, China students (Kevork Djansezian-Getty)_1.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStores ww screens iPhone, Prague shop Oct6 (Selcan Hacaoglu_AP).jpg
iSteve-fans-AppleStore iPad+screen (Selcan Hacaoglu-AP).png
iSteve-fans-Moscow apple retailer (Andrey Rudakov-Getty).png
iSteve-fans-flowers AppleStore (Kevork Djansezian-Getty).png
iSteve-fans-iPhone iVigil @HK AppleStore W66 (Laurent Fievet-AFP).png
iSteve-fans-hme Palo Alto (Kevork Djansezian_AFP).jpg
iSteve-fans-AppleStore NY 5th Ave (brechtbug-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-apple bite AppleStore, Pasadena CA (Ringo HW Chiu-AP).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Rome shop Oct6 (Andrew Medichini-AP).jpg
iSteve-fans-AppleStore HK (Kin Cheung_AP).jpg
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Barcelona  Oct6 (Manu Fernandez_AP).jpg
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Chicago, N Michigan Ave (G Wilson-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Santa Monica, Molly (Jae C Hong-AP)_1.png
iSteve-fans-Munich Apple Store stickies (4001) portrait Oct16_3.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStores ww screens, Little Rock, Arkansas, MBP (Danny Johnston-AP).png
iSteve-fans-SF AppleStore fs_1 (AP).png
iSteve-fans-SF AppleStore fs_4 (joseph schell).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Sydney (Rick Rycroft-AP)_2.png
iSteve-fans-NY 5th Ave AppleStore keyb (Jefferson Siegel).png
iSteve-fans-Chicago, Lincoln Park (Brandon Farrington).png
iSteve-fans-SF AppleStore fs_8 (joseph schell).png
iSteve-fans-graffiti Budapest, Hungary (Osgyún Dúniel-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-Munich Apple Store stickies (4001) portrait Oct16_2.png
iSteve-fans-stickies AppleStore Boston (Austin Fulton-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-Manila AppleStore Oct14.png
iSteve-fans-hme Palo Alto_2.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Sydney (Rick Rycroft-AP).png
iSteve-fans-stickies AppleStore, CAN Ontario, Mississauga (Jason Zegreat-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-hme Palo Alto book.jpg
iSteve-fans-stickies AppleStore LA, Canoga Park (Brad Lipman).png
iSteve-fans-candles in apple shape, Sichuan, China students (Kevork Djansezian-Getty)_2.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore (AP).png
iSteve-fans-apple bite AppleStore, Pasadena CA (Robyn Beck-AP)_2.png
iSteve-fans-apples AppleStore SF fs_5 (joseph schell).png
iSteve-fans-flowers Arigato Steve AppleStore Tokyo (Yoshikazu Tsuno-AFP).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Birmingham AL (ralph&jenny-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-SF AppleStore fs_7 (joseph schell).png
iSteve-fans-flower Mac Oct6 (Charlie Szoradi).jpg
iSteve-fans-hme Palo Alto, neighbour.png
iSteve-fans-iPhone @NY outisde AppleStore W66 (Andrew Burton-Getty)_1.png
iSteve-fans-plaque boston, Kendall Sq (memorial 2011-10-18 tue 4pm).jpg
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Santa Monica, Molly (Jae C Hong-AP)_3.png
iSteve-fans-Manila Oct14 board_1.png
iSteve-fans-hair-Jon Mak logo+2006 Jobs portrait+ThinDiff AppleStore NY 5th Ave.jpg
iSteve-fans-AppleStore London, Regent St Oct6 (Jonathan Short).jpg
iSteve-fans-iPhone or young Steve by Fred Velez (L) + Cory Moll (R) SF (Darryl Bush-AP).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore London ( Julian Ivanov-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Santa Monica Oct5.png
iSteve-fans-iPhone Shenzhen, China Oct11.png
iSteve-fans-apple rip (Yoshikazu Tsuno-AFP).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Seattle Univ District (Tyler Stahl-MacLife)_2.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore SF Sina Khanifar in pix (Kimihiro Hoshino-Getty).png
iSteve-fans-apple bites St Petersburg Oct14.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore HK (visualgrover-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore Seattle Univ District (GlennFleishman-MacLife).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore HK figure (Kin Cheung-AP).png
iSteve-fans-AppleStores ww screens, B&N, Atlanta (David Goldman-AP).png
iSteve-fans-SF AppleStore fs_3 (joseph schell).png
iSteve-fans-stickies AppleStore Palo Alto (Zuma Press).png
iSteve-fans-SF AppleStore fs_2 (AP).png
iSteve-fans-iSad Oct7.png
iSteve-fans-AppleStore SF.png
iSteve-fans-stickies HK AppleStore (Laurent Fievet-AFP).png


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