Mobile Wars


iOS vs Android?
how the heck to choose!?!

01. pros/cons


the Search for the Holy (Grail) Engine keeps on…

iPhone OS  launched  2007 June 29 and is original
Android launched 2008-10-21 but is bought

CNET article on choosing:
“Android Ice Cream Sandwich versus iOS 5: Killer features”
by Jessica Dolcourt, 201 Oct 20

Jessica @ Cnet’s main view:
both OS are advanced, both deserve consideration,
none are that advantageous over the other that you must adhere to one camp,
it’s an individual choice to make

one is open,
the other closed
[we beg to differ, just as with Adobe Flash, as nothing is really open-source]

for us the main point of any solution is this:
a tool that simply just works

for us the main difference is this:
iOS by Apple is original, created from scratch
Android by Google is bought and like Windows is a soup no matter what, from too many cooks in the kitchen

your choice:
pseudo-openness vs peace!

read the cnet article to get a clearer understanding of your choices…

Jason Hiner at TechRepublic expands on the Holy Grail in Search.
his article “Why Apple is about to build, buy, or partner on a web search engine”, 2011 Nov 29 Tue,
predicts VUI (UI = User Interface, V = Voice) has always been Apple’s Dream
and Siri is just the beginning.
Siri’s natural intelligence should circumvent & supersede Google search,
even Microsoft’s new Dream of killing Siri.

Android will always be slower than iPad, according ex-Google (3-year student) engineer Andrew Munn,
who stated “inefficient design frameworks” in Android
disallow it from maximizing CPU/GPU use.
Hardware acceleration does not help much,
but shows how unfinished a product & system Android is vs iOS,
as it requires refreshing its screen constantly with every touch
– an impossible task for tablet chips, no matter how powerful.
see article in Phandroid, 2011 Dec 6.

if you read Redmond Pie’s version of the Phandroid story above, of same day,

you’ll realize that the Android fans will counter argue that speed was an issue,
until Android OS 3 (Honeycomb),
yet it’s a lie or myth,

Google engineer Dianne Hackborns states even the next Android OS 4 (Ice Cream) won’t work,
even abusing too much RAM use (8MB) away from other processes
–hence making normal hardware acceleration practically useless.
minimum smoothness requires 60fps, but hardware acceleration can’t even handle that.

ask yourself the truth:
why does iPhone3GS (2009 Jun) offer smoother rendering than the latest Android phones (2011 Dec)?!
simply because, as always, Apple’s perfectionism that naysayers hate so much,
is deep.
and deep is better.
as Steve Jobs always said: it’s in the details.
do not produce junk. create products with care in every facet on every level,
from concept to product to manufacturing to packaging, distribution, marketing, advertising, to customer service etc.

Apple’s hardware acceleration is not normal like everybody else’s.
it’s optimized to real-time priority vs normal priority.
UI rendering is processed through dedicated threads in iOS vs concurrently in Android.


for absolute technical details, read ex-Google engineer Andrew Munn’s Google+
post from 2011 Dec 6.




or read Google engineer Dianne Hackborn’s Google+
post 2011 Dec 7 for her technical details.




see for yourself in this video comparison between Android Galaxy & iPad.
you can witness the Android experience: slower, crash-prone, inconsistent, higher learning curve…




also see our related articles on iOS vs Android…


02. iPhone 3GS weapon

iPhone4Steve launched 2011 Oct 14.
1. weak:
not only here, are Google’s Android phones behind in technological advances,

2. secret cost:
Google is battling legal copyright/patent infringement lawsuits all over the world,
which might ban Android in places & will surely add to Android’s cost with end users

how about Google’s biggest blow?!

USTC might ban HTC Android phones Dec 6’11.
this could have a trickling effect to all Android manufacturers.
Google could lose all its investment & efforts since it bought Android in Aug 2005!

as if Blow 1 isn’t enough, as being the closest to a final court decision
in patent infringement–not counting the other suits around the world,
this is a meteoric loss for Google in an Apple law suit.
Google, being so disorganized, indecisive, chaotic in its 100s of beta projects,
thought it could outsmart Apple with firms it bought to compete with it,
i.e. AdMob (2010-11-09 $750M vs Apple’s Quattro Jan6 for only $275M) or Android etc.
by buying Motorola patents to help it against Apple’s earlier purchase of Nortel patents!
fact is, Google might lose as Tue Dec 6 ’11 the German courts
might impose Mororola with a $2.7B/yr fine on behalf of Apple!
if Google/Moto lawyers fight the ruling, the process will take till 2018,
which means if Apple wins again, Moto would owe Apple $16B!!
read the Foss Patents article from 2011 Dec 2.

do not fret though.
Apple naysayers & haters & competitors cry Apple is unfair,
suing instead of innovating.
that’s a hilarious argument,
considering everyone IS desperately copying Apple.
plus Steve Jobs did warn all, since the iPhone launch in mid 2007,
that Apple, for once, in 3 decades, patented the shit out of the iPhone/iOS.
where is it unfair if Apple protects its R&D?!
where is it fair that everyone else can steal?!

to stop crying over spilled milk, for others to surpass Apple,
all they need to do is think, think for themselves,
think originally, invent in other directions.
the fact that they’ve tried to produce Apple-killer products for a decade,
proves how hard it IS to innovate.
it also proves that they can’t handle it.
which means, Apple is right, in defending its hard-ass efforts.

why would you feel bad for the competition that abuse their right over you,
disrespecting your money & loyalty as they never really innovated,
and only tried to innovate once iPhone arrived?!
let the liars, cheats, lazy asses work for their money.
it is that laziness that caused our economy to collapse.

we can’t possible survive if only Apple innovates.
but innovation is not simply saying we did it first.
that is part of our problem.
we focus on fighting each other, wasting tax dollars on law suits,
on imposing who invented what 1st,
instead of progressing.
who cares who did it 1st?!
it’s doing it best, simpler, that matters.
let’s stop blaming Apple–whose the only innovated in 10 years,
whose never lazy,
and let’s start inventing again,
realistically, with effort, conviction, stamina, vision etc.

3.  obvious cost:
Apple’s launch of the iPhone4Steve is a double assault on Google:
Apple simultaneously launched the previous iPhone3GS at a lower price point of an unbeatable value for your buck at $99 – how can Google compete here?

…read more in Bloomberg’s article 2011 Nov 4 “Apple’s Freebie iPhone Pits Brand Against Bargain Fare”
by Peter Burrows

03. India’s Android Aakash any threat?

all of Google Android’s attempts
at enabling one of its 100s of manufacturers to create a viable alternative to Apple’s iPad tablet failed,
so far, in the last 2 years.

is India’s government effort–nontheless(!)–
the world’s 1st viable answer to combat iPad’s monopoly?

many “experts” + “analysts” think the iPad is dead by 2013-14.

and these experts know this how!?
they miscalculated, underestimated, misunderstood Apple at ever turn for over 30 years,
yet now they know something we don’t?!
let these schmucks prophesy with the same Nostradamian inaccuracy of 1-5% of predictions…

always heed experts advice, their analysis usually stem from anal-ysts,
who do not understand the companies they analyze,
esp. when such firms i.e. Apple, do not function on any standard level,
and are too enigmatic & advanced for such expertise to get it.
you simply can not analyze with normal rules,
you must think beyond,
or you’ll just emphasize how deep of a fool you are.

is Aakash here to stay?
are the Emerging Markets going to catapult everything from now on?
China, unbelievably, despot its love for copy dilution, is infatuated with the original Apples i..e iPads!
theirs is the single biggest mobile market worldwide, with over 930M potential customers!

read on VentureBeat’s article in its MobileBeat portal,
2011 Oct 26 by Chikodi Chima “Hands On:  India’s $35 Aakash Android tablet lands in America (exclusive)”

Aakash Tablet from Venturebeat on Vimeo.
…yet the next biggest market is India.
1.2B population. 40% of world’s poor.

since Aakash IS Indian & only costs $35
(meaning it’s unbeatable as bargain
and Apple will never stoop so low as it’s degrading to any viable & reliable quality
though if anyone, Apple could, as it has unbeatable discounts exclusivity on materials)

India’s lower classes, the masses, will circumvent the heavy, expensive, time-consuming
Western infrastructure debacle,
that cost over 100 years to reach and still is incomplete,
as they bypass all the cabling,
jump directly into the state-of-the-art* wireless world of mobile computing & learning.
this is similar to South Africa,
which jumped from nothing to mobile banking,
before the West even did online banking on the desktops, to a wide degree!

still, no one can predict the validity of a dirt-cheap effort.

history exists for a reason.
though most humans or societies never learn from it.

a precedent to Aakash is OLPC
(One Laptop Per Child) launched 2005 Jan.
it’s the world’s 1st truly democratic PC venture,
to create low cost ($150) laptops (XO-1) for the world’s poor kids,
focused on connected learning.

the effort nearly failed, due to interest group pressure from most PC manufacturers.
the non-profit organization succeeded thanks to early 2005 members:
Google / AMD / eBay /  News Corp / Red Hat / Marvell;
thanks to 2006 support by UN DP;
Intel was brief member in 2007;
the OLPC-Foundation is led by Nicholas Negroponte

the main failure is that they never reached their target goal of $100.
though founded in 2005, manufacturing did not pick up till Dec 2007.
by 2010 XO laptops still cost $200+
(Apple all along never believed reliable computing could be achieved through dilution & dumping prices)

the other “failure” of OLPC
is rather a confusion or non-Apple-like chaos
of which chip & OS to side with.
it started on Linux,
but will offer Win XP.

not to mention the 3rd failure from that chaos:
members, believers, come & go,
or change like underwear – it’s not too viable a concept.

2008 the world recession starts.
OLPC budget since, dropped from $12M to $5M!
they’re now down to 32 employees, in Latin America, and with salary reduction.

India has previous experience with making tech affordable:
1. 2009 Tata Nano car.
yet despite affordability is disastrous for the ecology.

2. 2011 Hole in the Wall initiative (Minimally Invasive Education initiative in New Delhi 1999)
or pc kiosk per rural village
ideal for widening education
but not yet too spread out

Aakash’s goal is to be more practical & affordable than OLPC.
it remains to be seen,
if Aakash is more viable.

one the one hand, yes, India’s poor have no alternative to dumping prices
on the other,
Apple proving it over & over, or not,
viability & sustainability over the long term,
is highly suspect here, with Aakash.
technologies do cheapen over time,
yet $35 now can not beget you much in quality experience, power, stability, flexibility, or durability.

fine, the poor will be happy, since they never tasted caviar or speed,
but what’s good enough for them now,
as they never had it better,
and they’re joining the world’s elite in terms of state-of-the-art,
is doubtfully useful…

1. it won’t last due to viability as OLPC proved

2. rare earth & other modern materials are scarce big budgets like Apple’s are required to buy discounted supplies

3. count inflation & the $35 will increase exponentially

4. even the Indian government won’t save the project with its budget, as it’s not possible to amortize the investment

5. Microsoft Windows & Google Android have proven the inherent chaos in dilution-Aakash is even more diluted

6. the wireless tablet concept requires reliable, consistent internet connectivity: it is doubtful, that India,
which doesn’t even have its own satellite system as China, will have enough power to supply 100s of Millions of sudden emerging customers, not to mention speed and crash problems; India’s IRNSS system is planned for 2012 launch but who knows how operational it will be (China’s COMPASS is up for 2020, EU’s Galileo for 2014; russia’s GLONASS was up complete 1985, repaired 2010; US GPS was complete 1994)

7. the real  power of tablets or mobile OS is the extensive apps; how can poor people have access to eCommerce transactions? if they buy free apps, they’re experience is maybe through open-source solutions as on Android, but in the long term, if a population depends on such cheap education, it won’t catch up or match a richer country’s levels to compete with them

8. it’s never in the hardware specs, as Apple has proven, but in the sophisticated software that runs the machines;
the cheap parts & OS on Aakash will maybe make the poor happy, yet in the long term, despite improvements, will not be too reliable as an educational tool

9. the Aakash is has a 7″ screen.
indeed! how else can it be $35. this is a big reason for it.
but the hype will fool you.
a tablet is nothing more than a glorified SmartPhone,
if it’s not much bigger.
Apple’s Steve Jobs in his 2010 keynote, launching iPad 1,
proved that since screens are measured diagonally,
7″ is not 3/4 iPad’s 10″ size,
but 40% its size!
that is too small to be too practical of a tablet experience.
10″ is the minimum practical size.
anything smaller is less than ideal.

yet the $35 is not meant to be ideal whatsoever.
not in smooth user experience.
not in integration.
not in reliable Cloud.
not in material quality (being flimsy)
not in touch (no real-time touch sensitivity or multi-touch)
not in readability (too small)
not in speed
not even in price (since it’s viability will eventually bankrupt the idealistic project)

10.  cheap won’t last.
cheap materials naturally do not last.
flimsy products break down easily.
Aakash is already too cheap to be viable as a business.
as a government initiative it’s a project going bankrupt from the start.
a little use, wear & tear, will quickly render these cheap-ass tablets useless.
it’s bad enough they can not be amortized & supplied forever,
it’s another to add more unsurmountable costs to the over-ideal project,
through repair costs!
not counting tech or customer support costs!
not counting the horrifying ecological costs of so much junk, as like Tata’s Nano.
let’s see how GreenPeace haunts India, or were they only after Apple like the neurotic media?!

11. not to be pessimistic, but utopia-ideals are nearly impossible to keep


04. China’s Android Xiaomi any threat?

China’s $310 iPhone4S challenger
like India’s Aakash iPad challenger,
no disrespect to its Xiaomi’s Lie Jun*,
will probably not kill at all, if compete one bit

*Lie Jun feared or respected Steve Jobs too much,
to launch his iPhone challenger during Steve’s era.
maybe, now that Steve’s physically gone,
Lie hopes he won’t be challenged by Apple, legally or in product upgrades?!

as China & India need another generation of independent Think Different challenge
to start competing in quality user experience, esp. of the Apple calibre…

read the Xiaomi articles in…

The Register (2011 Nov 23)


Endgadget (2011 Aug 16)

the official Xiaomi launch demo…in Chinese

the official Xiaomi ad 1…in Chinese (with subtitles)

05. Amazon Kindle Fire

the media states Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the 1st real thread to Apple’s iPad!
but is it?! 

just like all models from all manufacturers since Q1 2010, no one has beaten the iPad,
not even close, in fact, miserably, whether they’re Android-based or not.

as for the latest try, Amazon Kindle Fire,
it’s ironic that when the iPad 1st launched 2010 Mar 12,
some anal-ysts or so-called “experts” mocked iPad as having the potential of a female pad,
yet Amazon’s Fire is not so much fiery as forcefully extinguishable.

don’t take our word for it.
I. Steve Jobs had predicted no table would make it that is
1. 7″ (as it’s 40% of 10″ diagonal! or too small to be practical)
2. if anyone thinks they can copy iPad because it’s so simple, try, there’s much more behind it.

and by the way – the Return rate says it all.
iPad return rate? practically nonexistent.
Amazon Kindle Fire RETURN RATE? 13%+!!
see the Philip Elmer-DeWitt’s CNN Money report for yourself
“How many Kindle Fires are being returned to Amazon?”, 2011 Dec 3 Sat

Amazon Kindle Fire 3679 reviews on Amazon reveal:
5 star: 1732 (47%) (doubtful as all similar reviews; manipulated like Chinese economy?)
4 star: 699 (19%)
3 star: 442 (12%)
2 star: 315 (8.5%)
1 star: 491 (13%)

even worse are the comments:
total disappointment: 80%
does not open previous books: 80%
content in cloud dysfunctional: 80%
customer service lousy: 79%
frustrating ui: 81%

also, do not forget that Amazon, unlike Apple,
has never revealed sales figures of any Kindles!
so, you can’t trust their success whatsoever.
Apple has nothing to hide each quarter!
Apple’s the only one in the Black on any products.
no one else has proven success.
and everyone else is so desperate,
that they not only stumble but lie & deceive to survive.
what do naysayers say to this fact?!

still, IHS iSuppli predicts Fire sales will reach 3.9M vs 18.6M iPads
if 13% Fires are returned, that’s 1/2M units!



MacWorld compares Amazon Kindle Fire with iPad2
read Christopher Breen’s article “Comparing the incomparable” 2011 Nov 29


Amazon itself did a comparison chart
quite silly comparison, since Fire is not really a tablet.
plus amazon deceives or hides facts

now there’s 2 tech-savvy reporters who rate the AKFire as lousy:
II. David Pogue in NYT 2011 Nov 13 Sun

Fire’s $200 shows:
1. it’s not a real tablet, but even if it were hyped as none, it’s weak
(too many NOs: cam / micro / gps / bluetooth / memory card / calendar / notepad)
2. AKF is slow
3. unrefined
4. touch taps inconsistent
5. limited views/zoom, weak magazine interactivity
6. disproportionate movie view
7.  web browsing is artificially sped up & still half the speed of iPad

the only positive over iPad: Flash
yet, Flash is jerky [+ Adobe just announced they’re killing Mobile Flash!, so, who cares for Amazon’s only advantages, well, besides price, but then again, if you see the long list of negatives above, who cares for an extra $200…not to mention B&N’s Nook tablet that will be more capable than Fire]

you’d think that Amazon’s content library is the world’s worthiest.
it does not have more content than Apple’s iTunes Store.

Pogue’s verdict:
Fire offers little as tablet, so if you need an affordable eBook reader, get the Amazon Kindle instead of Kindle Fire.

III. Tim Stevens’ Engadget review, 2011 Nov 14 Mon

Fire’s $200 shows:
1. hyped but no threat to any tablet, no real evolution over BlackBerry PlayBook
2. slow (512MB RAM)
3. tiny capacity (8GB)
4. tiny screen (weak for hyped e-reading, esp. mags)
5. WiFi only, no 3G
6. weak resolution 169ppi (when even SmartPhones are 1280×800)
7. Kindle was hyped as glare-free in iPad-mocking ads, yet Kindle Fire is quite glory
8. awkward touch /clunky gui
9. un-smooth browsing

10. battery sucks, esp. compared to Amazon’s own Kindle E-ink efficient screens
top battery tablet: iPad2 10:26hrs vs Fire 7:42 vs #2 Samsung Galaxy10 9:55 vs #3 iPad I 9:33  vs #4 HP TouchPad 8:33 vs #5 Moto Xoom 8:20 vs BB PlayBook 7:01 vs Archos 101 7:20 vs Toshiba Thrive 6:25 etc.

the only positive:
it feels solid (not polished ; )

Engadget’s verdict:
AKF is usable
but is frustrating for powerusers
best start yet of tight content tool (tight in $ + function), but promising for future


on Battery Life


another note on Apple’s Battery integration:
see UK’s Tom’s Hardware review, 2011 Dec 3

Tom argues the logical reasons for Apple integrating batteries vs. the adding removable batteries:
1. cohesive user experience / aesthetics / simplicity
2. protection from compression / density: more durability
3. lighter weight: since unlike removable batteries they need not be enclosed + more efficient packaging
4. easier repair (since no multi-packs need identifying)

ok, so who care if Apple batteries are lighter if one needs to add more juice?
that is the question.
but every generation of iPhone is amongst the best of any SmartPhone in lifespan.
the problem lies in how you treat your phone,
what preferences you set such as auto-Notifications + Push mail + vibration etc.

the iOS5 short battery problem affected a fraction of iPhone4S users,
but beyond the Settings was admitted by Apple to be a software problem.
the fix is due in an update, probably Dec 2011.

other than that, most places on earth, nowadays,
have plugs to juice up your battery.

still not satisfied with you devices’ battery life?
buy pocket size juice pack refills i.e. HyperShop‘s HyperJuice Mini at $120 sep or Micro at $100 sep
and in gorgeous colors




for Gamers, who are the worst battery users, try this new gem: PowerSkin
which adds 10hrs + gives you gamer’s grip
preorder $90 ($10 off sep)
out Dec 15 2011





or choose a solar re-charger





a thorough investigation
on SmartPhone battery life with charts
is found at AnandTech‘s
by Anand Lal Shimpi & Brian Klug,
2011 Oct 31

Anand’s battery benchmark chart:
Call life:
top SmartPhone:
#1 Motorola Droid Bionic: 12hrs
#2 Moto Atrix 4G: 11.6 hrs
#5 iPhone4S: 9.2hrs

3.9hrs HTC Evo 4G
4.3hrs Samsung Epic 4G

web life: cell
top SmartPhone:
#1/2/3 iPhone4 (iPhone4S 11hrs)
#4 Motorola Atrix 4G: 9.9hrs

worst: HTC Droid Incredible: 5.2hrs

web life: WiFi
top SmartPhone:
#1 Samsung Galaxy S2
#2 HTC Inspire 4G
#3 Moto Droid3
#4/5/6 iPhone4 (iPhone4S on hspa 4.8)

2.8 hrs Novatel MiFi 2200 Virgin
2.9hrs Moto Droid Bionic
3hrs Samsung Droid Charge



IV. Wired mag reviews Fire:

1. it sucks
2. there’s no two

3. plus you have no emotional connection to the gadget
4. its positive is “fiendishly effective shopping portal” which benefits Amazon more than user

• casual video fan
• affordable

• small
• weak power
• useless for mags (even weak as eReader vs older Kindles)


06. WWIII Google vs  Apple?

whose winning the war of the worlds?
Kit Eaton cites “5 Reasons Google is sweating Apple” in his Fast Co. article Mon Nov 7 2011

1. Siri
2. Maps / Nav
3. TV
4. iPay
5. R&D / Cash / Calm

if you know your technology stuff, you know what those few words signify.
we extrapolated on all and more within the pages of this site.
if you wish to know more about these specifics above, please read Kit’s article by clicking article or logo above

p.s. observe the Google vs Apple logos.
Apple is one-color, all about focus.
Google is multi-colored or schizophrenic.
it deal with 1000s of  beta projects in the labs, but this concept of haphazard, lucky strikes on feasibility & viability, is not smart, it’s pathetically lazy.
which is the reason why the world economy sucks too.
unlike Apple’s iConomy.
think about this!
think. differently.
if you think same old, same old, just because it worked in the past,
well, you’ll rot in your laziness, deservingly.

let’s think of Google’s colors.
twice blue: it hopes to be in heaven or the cloud.
twice red: indeed. it’s envious of apples…or if we get ahead of ourselves: if it keeps losing its 1998 mojo, as it spread its projects or wings into too many fields, like a slot, it will eventually fall like mighty IBM, as Microsoft could too…as it loses focus…
once yellow:  wishful thinking of being sunny, yet its initial unofficial mantra of “no evil” is a joke: see its anti-privacy policies + cia-search engines efforts for making SE 2.0 a world into a police-state!
once green: greed or ecological? since it does not produce hardware, it’s greed! but its downfall or demise might eventually be its hardware acquisition this year, of Motorola, which insults all its partners & complicates its existence further.
Google should find its inner child, mojo, essence, again. Like Apple’s sheer focus, it will only win in the long term, if its head is in the right hole again. as when we’re babies, trying to fit the peg in the hole with fisher price…can’t aim? lose! focus, win the WWIII economic wars.

Apple never lets the apple rot.
the worm is in the others who rely no foundation.
who like religious fanatics, rely on faith & fear alone, not substance, proof-of-concept, facts…

we always thought Google lost its mojo
since its conceptual inception 1998 Sep 4 with the Google Search Engine,
as it’s involved in 1000s of haphazard lab projects,
most of which do not launch out of beta,
only 1 of which is viable, profitable: Google Ads from its SE

many of our points predicting Google’s demise,
follow the predictable, logical fall in the likes of IBM / Dell / RIM / Nokia / Microsoft…
which are past their peaks or heydays,
which is repeated by Matt Rosoff in his Business Insider article
Steve Jobs Was Right: Google IS Turning Into Microsoft”, 2011 Nov 29 Tue

the points:
1. Search = no better than Windows (co. depends on single source of income – antitrust suit losses)
2. Ads = no better than Office
3. Android = no better than XBox (surprise success but unprofitable)
4. Google+ = no better than Bing (reacting to competition)
5. Google Music = no better than Zune (me-too attempt)
6. Google Apps = no better than SQL (cheap, unpopular)
7. Chrome = no better than I.E. (free but only pushing influence agenda)
8. Google TV = no better than WebTV (make tv like web instead of reinvent it)
9. Google Fiber = no better than MS’ 1990s Fiber experiment
10. Google acquisitions = no better than MS buyout frenzy (2011 alone Google buys 50 co.)


07. WWIII Apple vs Android vs Win 7

for InformationWeek, Fritz Nelson, in his article
Android Vs. iOS Vs. Windows Phone 7: Enterprise Shootout” 2011 Nov 28,

believes none of, at least the 3 current major brands, are worthier than the other,
that they all have advantages & disadvantages,
that it all depends on each user’s mix of preferences for:

1. design
2. user experience
3. app choices
4. enterprise support
5. security
6. cam
7. cloud
8. open-source vs flawlessness

Fritz views every new SmartPhone as a change in decision, as they keep evolving,
so that no choice is ever perfect.

well, everything ever made changes.
it’s quite a general thesis on choosing the SmartPhone for you.
in that sense, it remains confusing–which to choose!

that is why, in the end, Apple should win,
no matter how many naysayers say the Post-Steve or Non-Steve era will kill it.
the simple fact is: the PC industry has complicated things more than simplified life,
since 1984 – and not due to Apple but its competitors.
Apple has always tried to serve the user with the most simplified sophisticated technology.
for technology’s purpose is nothing, if it is not conceived from the essence of a solution.

life is too short to complicate its choices.
Apple’s iOS, not Google Android or Win 7 is the ubiquitous, omnipresent,
transparents, safe, stable, iconic, simple, sophisticated, smooth operator,
which was the 1st real Smart Phone, turned the industry upside down,
and in its 4th year, already redefined itself, away from SmartPhone to A.I. Phone
(Siri IS much smarter than mere basic voice-command competitors)

open-source is overrated.
its most successful project is Linux, since 1991 (Oct 5).
even if it controls 90% of the SuperComputer market share,
even if Linux’s father Linus Torvald claims Apple’s “closed” systems
will be Apple’s self-inflicted downfall,
Linus can talk big but Linux owns less than 2% PC OS market share!
– even after a decade!!

it’s easy to talk.
it’s hard to walk.
everyone wishes to kill Apple.
everyone seems to have better ideas than Apple.
yet all firms & individuals fail–over a decade already!

to beat Apple, prove it, stop talking.
to beat Apple you have to

1. control both hardware & software
2. focus on the magic of software more than hardware specs
3. simplify, simplify, simplify (zen: biz / production / marketing)
4. think different
5. not fear
6. not necessarily invent but change the rules
7. have the means, funds, distribution, raw material cost advantages

08. tumbling Tablets!

Apple owns 70%+ of the tablet market.
2nd is Android.
distant 3rd is Win7, hm Win8, hm, wait, no, nada.
Windows is yet insignificant, despite their unproven future claims.

would’ve thought, right?! winning the endless copyright legal battles? 
but Tablet makers are plenty & they do not listen to Apple:
1. they copy, so get rightly sued
2. they create so many faux pas, that they keep returning to the drawing board.
meanwhile, they’re too desperate, so release junk that goes bankrupt
when they could’ve thought clearly to compete: self-destruction!
do NOT blame Apple.

just to name a few of the TumblingTablets in the Flummoxed Competition,
read NYT’s article “Flops Pile Up in the Tablet Market”
by Brian X Chen, 2011 Dec 7

here’s the tumbling table list (or growing pile of crapware):

01. Dell Streak7 (scrapped 2011 Dec 8 Wed)
02. Dell Streak5 (scrapped 2011 Aug)
03. BlackBerry PlayBook (scrapped 2011 Nov; 1.4M units unsold or $485M loss)
04. HP TouchPad (scrapped 2011 Oct within 48 days!)

01. poor craftsmanship
02. weak content
03. weak features
04. hyping space or speed  or specs alone does not equal practical features

alternatives to iPad that sell, somewhat:
01. Amazon Kindle Fire (but Amazon never reveals sales–for embarrassing reasons?)
02. B&N NookTablet (launched 2 days after  2011 Nov 15’s Fire 2011 but unproven success still)

Apple sold 42M of 58M tablets worldwide: 72%!
let’s not forget: Apple # is real. they prove it in each Quarterly results.
the 58M tablet world market figure is probably untrue, so Apple owns probably 80-90% of the market.
reason is, everyone but Apple, uses fantasy #, since “shipped” never equals actual sales!
just look at BlackBerry, Dell, HP etc. who have tons of DOA (Dead On Arrival) inventory (that did ship though ; )

1. Fire & Nook do not have to compete directly with iPad to succeed.
their sales will never even come close to iPad, but they still can sell much.

2. iPad does much more than entertain. it’s can replace a PC for most tasks as tool,
as it’s good for content + creation.

3. “good enough” “low price” “me-too” “wanna be” can not ever equal smooth user experience!
whoever buys the cheap stuff, ends up frustrated, regretting.
had they spent a bit more, they’d have saved in the long term: both in $ for not repairs & in sanity!
why waste your hard-earned money on half-ass products?!
people who think they can outsmart Apple, hating it, trying to prove their stuff is cooler, better,
in over a decade, have all failed, fallen flat, & looked dumber than they thought they were…

4. want to compete? think! first.
do not copy.
offer qualitative differentiation.
while you’re at it, make it look aesthetic.
keep it simple.
respect buyer’s money, time, mind.

09. RIM Job BlackBerry admits defeat!

who would’ve thought, right?! winning the endless copyright legal battles? 
the beloved starter of mobile internet, Canadian RIM’s BlackBerry
started the revolution in 2002 with its BB 5810.

but out of the blue came Apple, with zero knowledge in cellular tech,
with its 1st iPhone 20117 June 29,
and within 4 years, Apple kills the Black giant of 9 years!

so, naysayers, where are your adamant, intelligent anti-Apple arguments now?!

so many still doubt Apple & doom it, yet funnily enough, Apple is stronger than ever,
Post-Steve too, plus Apple will always win,
as long as no one gets it!

it’s only a shame, if you miss something worthy.
who cares who invents stuff 1st,
it’s the simplification of complex tech that counts 1st.
who cares if mobile internet  was invented by BB,
if iPhone did it much better, easier, faster, more complete etc.
who cares if Android has Flash, as iPhone won that war too,
since Adobe gave up Flash 2011 Nov 8!


for more on BB’s defeat, read Reuters article from 2011 Nov 29 Tue. 

10. WWIII legal Wars

whose winning the endless copyright legal battles? 
all of Apple’s competitors are crying foul, that Apple is suing them instead of innovating?!
This is hilarious, since, they are all copying Apple.
Plus, Steve Jobs did warn them, with the introduction of the original iPhone, June 29, 2007,
that Apple for once in its history, since 1976,
has patented every mm of the device and will protect it with all the resources it has.
the thing is, Apple has more resources, being the only firm in the black, than any of its competitors.

Apple is suing most Google Android manufacturers.
one of its longest legal wars is with Samsung, which ironically supplies iPhone’s parts to some degree.
shame on Samsung. they took advantage of their inside look to Apple,
just as Google did when their crooked CEO Schmidt was on the apple Board.
so, if they get legally spanked, win or not, it’s their own bloody fault.

MBA did a pretty good job summarizing the Apple vs Samsung battle in this chart 2011 Nov 23.

Apple vs Samsung
Via: Online MBA Guide

10. WWIV Apple’s own Spectrum

which mobile service provider will win? 
in the u.s. it’s AT&T/Cingular vs Verizon vs Sprint etc.
worlds are colliding.
like actors who try to sing or singers who are getting into acting,
cell firms are intruding into tv entertainment service providers or network channels,
whilst the channel providers such as Comcast TriplePlay, Verizon Fios, Warner Bros etc.
are intruding into telephony…

whilst all of them are fighting it out loudly,
Apple in typical zen-like manner,
is quietly fooling them all.
Apple is the martial art zen master of new business.
no one gets them after copying them for 3 decades!
too bad.

at least that is what we believe and what James Holland’s article
“The Crazy master plan that could complete Apple’s mobile domination”
concurs, 2011 Nov 29 Tue, at Electricpig, UK

Apple IS here to stay despite all naysayers – who are just as loud as Apple’s foes,
but just as dumb-founded, flummoxed, and unsuccessful.

even supposedly smart-ass Linus of Linux predicts Apple’s “closed” systems won’t last.
yeah, because Linux decade of success has not surpassed 2% of PC market share?!
(who cares about the 90% share in supercomputing? – Siri is more super…)

Apple has it all.
foremost, a master plan.
everyone else, has a half-ass, desperado plan.
plus no one is in the Black, so Apple’s bottomless pit funds are a killer advantage.
no one has Apple’s efficiencies, infrastructure either.
no one has everyone else by the balls like Apple – that IS leverage.
if Apple sneezes, they all crumble, so they better listen to the One.
no one is Crazy enough to change anything, but Apple – who does it daily, not just once-a-lifetime.
no one understands integration as deeply as Apple.
who cares for open-source, if it’s chaotic?
– the few eccentrics, idealists & IT people whose career depends on complexity?!

Apple “invented” the PC for the masses.
made Mobility ubiquitous.
revolutionized Search.
now will turn the TV & Tel industry upside down again.

how will Apple circumvent cell phone providers?
1. buying bandwidth from them
(who can refuse if they’ll increase their market cap thanks to Apple’s sheer volume?!
the iPhone alone saved AT&T!)
2. MVNO carrier (virtual carrier)
3. Wi-Fi Spectrum
4. Apple patented the most flexible network search technology,
which uses the best deal at any given moment, time & place


11. iTV

not the 2007-01-09 AppleTV, a real full-fledged magic AppleTV à la Apple!

Some complain that it’s overdue.
Do you seriously think Apple – out of all firms – has ANY problem creating such a beautiful thing?!
Do you not seriously think Apple would’ve done it already, brought us the Future again years ago?!
And that the main reason it did not is the Content Providers!
No one can or has the right to put Apple down & calling them non-innovative!
None of us can predict when the real AppleTV will happen but if anything is certain, we can be sure Apple IS working on it!

The Music industry is fearful but budged to Steve Job’s conditions as he save them from piracy.
The Film industry did not learn from that & in their greed are ruining the chance for technological advances!
It is NOT Apple’s fault – all Apple is trying is to give us the Best solution.
Let’s demand it from Hollywood or boycott them! Enough is Enough.

Many Apple competitors can do the Next Big Thing with TV
but frankly,
Who else knows Best about:
1. hardware
2. software
3. hard/soft-combo
4. customer satisfaction
5. predicting what consumers need, want!
6. power
7. funds
8. infrastructure
9. greenest energy consumption (Apple is patenting alternative eco tech to run these massive server farms)
10. structure already in place: iTunes Store / iCloud / Siri / Maps / Game Center etc.
11. previous (real world) experience  (6.5 years!) with AppleTV puck! Unlike Comcast’s Xfinity X1 box (that only launched Nov 2012) Apple will beat the competition.

There’s plenty of bitching & predictions on AppleTV, even on what it should be or must include as features, bells & whistles, and what form factor it should bear etc. However, a more serious & realistic discussion is by Jeremy Allaire. Don’t worry ADD fans: He has a video interview for you so you don’t have to read ; )
if the video doesn’t play, link to Allaire’s 2013-04-23 blog as exec chair of BrightCove; despite his nervous, impatient responses to Jeff Whatcott’s queries, Allaire is knowledgeable.

Apple’s Disruptive Potential:
• game consoles
• cable providers
• set top box manufacturers
• DVD players (though BluRay might still have niche)

AppleTV’s potential innovations:
• à la Carte TV
• game heaven
• Gesture kinetics
• Siri / iCloud
• iChat
• iOS apps
• HTML5 (fuck Hulu Flash)

(iSteve’s thoughts) (Netflix is finally switching from MSFT Silverlight 2008 to HTML5 in 2013)

most practical DVR
• plethora of 3rd party blue-tooth accessories

it all depends on the silly Hollywoodians getting out of the woods!!
(right now, they’re very much as retarded as Nell)



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