anti-Steve protests

antiSteve Baptist   the Baptist Church of CA, specifically the Westboro Branch (church sounds like a corporation : ) did not even leave Steve Jobs & friends alone at funeral! how respectful of church members! how hypocritical too as they used iPhones to tweet about protesting! but though Steve would not condone counter-protest fans were outraged at the outrageousness of church politics this Baptist branch is headed by Margie Phelps since they believe Steve Jobs was the devil. “No peace for man who served self, not God.” “He had a huge platform; gave God no glory...

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Reality Distortion Field

    Steve’s Reality Distortion Field   say what?! Reality Distortion Field: Steve Job’s supposed lies or hype about Apple product significance the irony is, it was conceived & coined by the Anti-Apple crowd to conveniently lie about Apple’s “lies”  ; ) just as Political Correctness is Apolitically incorrect or hiding the truth since when can’t one use the words “amazing” “fantastic” to mean what it means?! is it illegal? is it a lie? come on, if anyone but Steve used those terms, it’ll be perfectly accepted,...

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