iLessons: Do NOT do as Steve

iLessons do NOT do as iSteve! read the Forbes article “Lessons NOT To Learn From Steve Jobs” by Eric Savitz, 2011-10-21 Fri, in which he takes warnings from Doug Hardy, business writer & content strategist now consulting at Babson College…   Why NOT? 1. with Steve’s 1st biography out next week, Monday, author Isaacson’s book will probably be followed word for word like none other in history, esp. by entrepreneurs & business leadersherein is the danger: to mimic Steve does not turn you into an equal Genius or guarantee you any success 2. you must...

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 Steve’s Reality Distortion Field   is it Myth? Are Apple or Steve evil? evil? greedy? machiavellian? cheating? non-philanthropic? monopolizing? manipulative? cunning? hype? hyper? fluff? meaningless? insignificant? not for the history books? self-aggrandizing? complexed? non-green / non-eco? lazy? schizo? neurotic? inhumane? stuck-up? stuck? blind? vision-less? stupid? chauvinistic? snobbish? blind? stubborn? tyrannical? art:  Adam Frucci 2008-04, for Gizmodo art competition on depicting Steve  as “Good or Evil” Question to ponder before you judge   what do you...

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