iSteve Essence!  finally, right, this is what inspired this site in the 1st place: his Essence of a Man, Genius 01. Guru Steve: The Computerworld or Smithsonian iLessons from 1995  read the article, see the video reopened to the public, since its 1995 Apr 20 debut for us to learn valuable lessons and from a real Genius a most revealing 75 min video interview of Steve Jobs on his Insights interview by Daniel Morrow, exec. dir. of Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation for what is the point of history, if we don’t learn from it, right?! it’s one thing to...

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  iSteve on Covers   varied Magazine Covers on Steve Jobs ; )   please share if you stumble upon missing ones or better quality images in grateful memory to the iSteve that brought us so many Smiles in a dry tech world    [nggallery id=9] kudos to the Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers Page literally covering 1981-2011 • notes on covers • one of the most famous pictures of early Jobs is the one with the classic Mac on his lap it was photographed by Norman Seeff for Fortune mag in 1984 it was converted to a great banner at the official Steve Jobs celebration event the morning of Wed...

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