is Apple dead?

    is Apple dead?   “Can’t innovate? My ASS!” here! 1st read the hard #s or facts in our comprehensive FaceBook article here! Mad Money Cramer on Apple, 2012 Apr 9     Is Apple Dead? this is the propaganda the media FUD is spreading now that… 1. Steve Jobs is dead and Apple lost its head, literally (Wed Oct 5’11) 2. yesterday, Tue Oct 18, Apple’s Quarterly estimates, for the 1st time in 3 years have been negative 3. and all the other b.s. they spread see 2013-04-25 article following Q2 2013 Earnings report on Tue Apr 23. Ernie...

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 Steve’s Reality Distortion Field   is it Myth? Are Apple or Steve evil? evil? greedy? machiavellian? cheating? non-philanthropic? monopolizing? manipulative? cunning? hype? hyper? fluff? meaningless? insignificant? not for the history books? self-aggrandizing? complexed? non-green / non-eco? lazy? schizo? neurotic? inhumane? stuck-up? stuck? blind? vision-less? stupid? chauvinistic? snobbish? blind? stubborn? tyrannical? art:  Adam Frucci 2008-04, for Gizmodo art competition on depicting Steve  as “Good or Evil” Question to ponder before you judge   what do you...

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