iNobel Prize

is Jobs┬áNobel? Is Jobs worthy of a Nobel Prize? that’s a question raised by Martin Hutchinson, global investing strategist @ Money Morning, in his article “A Nobel Prize for Steve Jobs?“, Thu Oct 20, 15 days into the Post-Steve era.   Hutchinson’s POiNTS: 1. The Nobel Prize should is considering adding a Management as a category. 2. The Nobel Prize should rather include a Business category, since it gives back to society more than management.   Hutchinson’s list of BUSINESS LEADERS for the Nobel: 1. Steve Jobs (Apple) 2. Jeff Bezos (Amazon)   THE...

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anti-Steve protests

antiSteve Baptist   the Baptist Church of CA, specifically the Westboro Branch (church sounds like a corporation : ) did not even leave Steve Jobs & friends alone at funeral! how respectful of church members! how hypocritical too as they used iPhones to tweet about protesting! but though Steve would not condone counter-protest fans were outraged at the outrageousness of church politics this Baptist branch is headed by Margie Phelps since they believe Steve Jobs was the devil. “No peace for man who served self, not God.” “He had a huge platform; gave God no glory...

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