Steve’s Reality Distortion Field   is it Myth? Are Apple or Steve evil? evil? greedy? machiavellian? cheating? non-philanthropic? monopolizing? manipulative? cunning? hype? hyper? fluff? meaningless? insignificant? not for the history books? self-aggrandizing? complexed? non-green / non-eco? lazy? schizo? neurotic? inhumane? stuck-up? stuck? blind? vision-less? stupid? chauvinistic? snobbish? blind? stubborn? tyrannical? art:  Adam Frucci 2008-04, for Gizmodo art competition on depicting Steve  as “Good or Evil” Question to ponder before you judge   what do you...

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Reality Distortion Field

    Steve’s Reality Distortion Field   say what?! Reality Distortion Field: Steve Job’s supposed lies or hype about Apple product significance the irony is, it was conceived & coined by the Anti-Apple crowd to conveniently lie about Apple’s “lies”  ; ) just as Political Correctness is Apolitically incorrect or hiding the truth since when can’t one use the words “amazing” “fantastic” to mean what it means?! is it illegal? is it a lie? come on, if anyone but Steve used those terms, it’ll be perfectly accepted,...

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