Steve’s Reality Distortion Field   is it Myth? Are Apple or Steve evil? evil? greedy? machiavellian? cheating? non-philanthropic? monopolizing? manipulative? cunning? hype? hyper? fluff? meaningless? insignificant? not for the history books? self-aggrandizing? complexed? non-green / non-eco? lazy? schizo? neurotic? inhumane? stuck-up? stuck? blind? vision-less? stupid? chauvinistic? snobbish? blind? stubborn? tyrannical? art:  Adam Frucci 2008-04, for Gizmodo art competition on depicting Steve  as “Good or Evil” Question to ponder before you judge   what do you...

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iPhone4S Hit

iPhone4S it’s the biggest HIT! for Apple for Switchers! they’re dropping Apple’s competition in hoards   why the iPhone4Switchers ?! iPhone4Superb quality user experience iPhone4Sexiness iPhone4Steveness iPhone4Speed: A5 dual chip! A5 chip! iPhone4Siri: a. not just the world’s most advanced iteration of Speech control b. but it’s most fun, accurate, flexible, natural Virtual Assistant yet c. AND Apple is merely starting! (it works so well in beta!) d. Android has a mini Me version that sucks, Apple spent $Millions on R&D iPhone4Switchers: disenchanted...

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