who should play Steve?


01  stanley tucci
02  nicolas cage
03  rolf neumann
04  adrien brody
05  johnny depp
06  edward norton
07  noah wyle
08  christian bale
09  daniel day lewis
10  ashton kutcher
11  leonardo diCaprio
12  george clooney
13  michael showalter
14  michael emerson
15  michael cera
16  james franco
17  bog saget
18  john krasinki
19  ezra miller






see CNN poll 2011 Oct 13 Thu on other actors suited to play Steve Jobs:
• Kevin Spacey • Keanu Reeves • Adrian Brody
• Crispin Glover • Neil Patrick Harris • Hank Azaria
• Colin Hanks • Bryan Cranston • Ty Burrell
• Andy Samberg • Penn Badgley • James McAvoy
• Luke Wilson • Chuck Norris
or see CNN article 2011 Oct 14 Fri

for other roles in Steve’s life:
Bill Gates (MS): DiCaprio / Ed Norton
Laurene Powell (wife): ?
John Sculley: Donald Sutherland
Larry Ellison (Oracle): Hugh Laurie! ; )

see Noah Wyle, who actually played Steve Jobs already,
in 1999’s Pirates Of Silicon Valley, in this clip,
where Steve Jobs invited him to mimic him
before he enter the stage at the MacWorld expo NY in 1999



or see an actual clip from the Pirate movie as Steve Jobs…
is having one of his tirades, but on Bill Gates!
(played by the forgotten star Anthony Michael Hall of 1985 Breakfast Club
or Weird Science or Edward Scissorhands 1990)


art: Steve Jobs as Gladiator (2000) by AllThingsD 2010-03-03

art: Steve Jobs in Return of the King (2009)

art: Steve Jobs as iPodFather by rotophonic 2007 (Godfather orig’l was 1972)


art: Steve Jobs as Moses by Tyson Kopczynski 2010 on “Apple is Evil” blog

and the winner is?

Ashton Kutcher!


unexpected shocker!

he was on nobody’s list.

here’s better news for us to enjoy the enigmatic, inimitable Steve.

Ashton is for a 2nd film!
the one everyone expects is by Sony
based on Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography

Ashton version:
director: Joshua Michael Stern (Disney’s 2008 Swing Vote + 2005 Neverwas)
script: Matt Whiteley (also based on Isaacson’s bio)
producer: Mark Hulme 

read up on it at Variety on April Fool’s Day 2012


“Jobs” the Movie FB page

iSteve movie 1 = iSteve

out 2013-04-15


actor: Justin Long! (yes, from Apple “I’m a Mac” campaign ads ; )
acting as Woz: Jorge Garcia (yes, Hurley from Lost ; )
writers: Funny or Die
theme: loose take on Steve Jobs’ life, some fiction for humor
but full of refs
duration: 78min

see whole movie $free!:
Flash vers.: FunnyOrDie link
MP4 vers.: link

MDN comments
A.I. comments

steve jobs film #1-iSteve out 2013-04-15 (justin long)_9

iSteve movie 2 = Jobs

out 2013-08-16

 (poster launched July 2)

actor: Ashton Kutcher
theme: unofficial bio

steve jobs film #2-Jobs out 2013-08-16 (ashton kutcher)_01

iSteve movie 3 = Steve?

out 2014?


title: yet unknown
: yet unknown
writer: Aaron Sorkin (thought-provoking HBO Newsroom tv series)
Sorkin handed in script 2014-01-15 (was due spring 2012 ; )

theme: official bio / big budget Sony flick




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